How to Pass the RES Exam Without any Hassle

CEA approved RES courseThe real estate industry in Singapore offers a lot of jobs. You can make a lot of money by working as a real estate salesperson with one of the major agencies in the country. There is huge demand for properties in the country because it is a major IT hub in the world. People from different parts of the globe come to Singapore in search of jobs. Many of them settle in the country because of the excellent facilities available. Hence, real estate agents have great scope for making money by assisting in property sales. In order to be a real estate salesperson, you need to pass the RES exam that is conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country. It is not easy to pass the exam unless you prepare well. Here are few tips for the RES aspirants who are trying to pass the exam.

Choosing a course provider

You must complete the CEA approved RES course in order to appear for the exam. This is a mandatory rule and you cannot do the preparations on your own. Many of the other exams can be passed by individual preparations alone but the RES course is different from them. You should hence choose a good provider in the country and attend classes as stipulated by the provider. If you choose a good provider, you will be given various options as per your convenience. There are many providers who offer online sessions to the candidates who are unable to attend the regular classes. You can also choose a provider who offers evening batches or weekend sessions depending on your convenience.

Preparing for the exam

After choosing a good provider for the course in real estate, you should start your preparations in full fledge. The daily lessons should be course in real estatetaken seriously. You should spend some time every day to learn what is taught by the course provider. You should prepare notes to keep a track of the important points. As you learn new lessons, the notes will be of great use to you. Towards the end of the course, you will have to attend mock exams conducted by the provider. When you go through the notes, you will be able to prepare in an easier manner. This will also be of great help for the final revisions before the exam.

Writing the exam

You should sleep well on the night before the exam. You should not spend the entire night studying the portions because that will make you lethargic while writing the exam. It is better to avoid last minute revisions because that might get you confused when you see the questions. Write the exam with confidence. If you have attended the classes regularly and learned the daily lessons, passing the exam for the license course real estate is not a tough job. Read the questions carefully before answering while attending both the exams. Concentrate on the paper and give your best shot and you will pass.

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Tricks That Will Make Your Real Estate Profession Rise

RES in SingaporeRealty is one of the professions, which attracts more number of people. Every year there are number of people, who get their names enrolled in a RES course provider to gain training in a license course in real estate. To be successful in real estate business, it is essential to gain knowledge in this subject and attain a license, which is essential part to run this profession.

Here are some of the tricks with the help of which an agent can grow his business and be professional in his business:

  • The first point is to have a check on your customers. If you have a look at a professional RES in Singapore, you will notice that they use to have a regular check on their customers. It is your customers only that are going to raise your business but it they will not be taken care of then surely you are losing your business. Having a regular check here means to look at their needs and demands, to serve them all the time, to stand with them all the time and to solve their queries regarding real estate.
  • The second point that has to be taken care of is to serve your customers with quality services. A RES in Singapore, if not deliver quality results then it has a direct impact on goodwill of the company. If you serve your clients with quality services in real estate, make them present at the time of home inspection, it directly makes you a reliable agent and old customers bring in new customers for license course real estateyou.
  • Thirdly, it is essential to offer professional advice to the clients. Yes, it is important to serve your customers with a professional advice on buying, selling or renting of the property. This is going to work as guidance for them, but do take care to provide them the data that is erect and current. Real estate is the profession where prices deflate or inflate on regular basis so the advice that you provide should be correct and accurate one.
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What A RES Course Provider Can Do For You?

course in real estateTo attain a real estate salesmanship in Singapore, undoubtedly you have to do a course in real estate, which is a must. For a successful realtor and establish your own business, you are required to have a license which is approved by the council of estate agencies. To achieve this license, you have to clear the exam, for which candidates enroll their name in RES course provider. This is the place where you not only get specialized training in real estate but also awareness on the realty concepts. It is not only this, but also several other benefits that a course provider provides, those are as follows:

  • In realty business, you may understand the concepts by yourself but how you are going to handle the tough questions? A professional RES course in Singapore, will undeniably prepares you for the exam but also make you teach the lessons that alone cannot be understood.
  • If you want to establish your realty business, you will need to have to strong contact list of the professionals. In training program, it is the professionals onlyRES Course Provider that make you trained for this profession. Now if you are getting training from the experts then surely they are going to be in your contact list of the professionals. All you need to do is to build a contact and strong relationship with them, so that they can help you in tough times.
  • A course provider can even give your career a start. If you get a start for your career, then what can be best than this? For an amateur, getting a good start is going to work immensely for their future. You have to understand one thing, that in the early stage you will be starting with junior level only, so grab the opportunity if you get one. A slow and steady career will make you learn, gain experience and build your contact list, which will further going to establish your own business.
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Topics That Are Covered In Real Estate License Course

license course in real estateOnce you become a successful RES in Singapore, then nothing can stop you to be a part of this profitable industry. But for this, one needs to obtain a license. Singapore is one of those places, where a real estate license is a requisite and to get it there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled like clearance of RES exam and to pass a license course in real estate, etc. You can go with the mode of training, which is convenient for you but the right knowledge and concepts should reach you and also there is a list of dos and don’ts to get a license course, which are equally important. Here is the list of the topics that a real estate license course should cover:

A course should involve implementation and examination of the financial systems. In this topic, one gets to gain knowledge on maintaining and establishing financial records, preparing several formats for presentation, providing financial reports and handling all sorts of economic transactions.

The second topic is to manage and handle risks, with the support of inclusive set of tools and concepts. In this lesson, candidates are taught for maintaining professionalism in the business, understanding the social and legal risks that are involved in this profession, financing, sales, property risks, etc.

The third topic that is covered is to make one aware of the techniquesRES Course Provider and strategies that are to be applied when he will be a RES in Singapore. Also, they teach, provide professional training to clear and pass out a RES exam, which is important if you want to be a part of this industry.

The next topic that is covered and essential to understand is recording and researching about the property. Well, candidates are going to be future agents, so it is important make them understand how to buy and sell of the real estate services, how to maintain property records, obtaining and analyzing market information, how to give support to the clients and providing them with the right advice, etc. This lesson includes all these things.

The next topic that is covered is to make one understand the presentation of the property reports. In this profession, one should be smart enough to explain and present the property reports. Candidates will be taught effective ways on how to make reports and how to present them in front of the clients.

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Important Points That You Should Not Share With Your Real Estate Competitors

real estate licence courseReal Estate business is the business where one looks out for best methods that can help in increasing or growing their business. Every real estate agent has in store certain points that he does not share or want to reveal in front of anyone. To be successful and establish own business in this industry, one gets especially admitted in real estate license course, so that he gets trained and expert in achieving goals that he has set up. A RES course not only teaches you specific points but also trains you in this field. In Singapore RES is the profession that is increasing day by day and with this advancement people are choosing their career in this field. But to be in this industry there are specific points that one should not reveal or share in front of their competitors and those points are discussed below:

  • Profits they are earning

Profit and the earning salary of an agent should never be revealed. What profits one is earning, what are the hike they have got from their clientele, etc., should not be revealed or shared with the competitors. Also, for a amateur, it is important to keep in mind that agents or competitors may divert your mind and get out of it something, but it is in your hands that how you have treat them and answer them in diplomatic manner. Singapore RES does not reveal their profit earning and so should be you, if you are in this industry, rather search out the ways by which the profits can be increased.

  • Target audience

Res CourseYour target audience is the main root of your business. The more it will be strong the more you are going to gain profits and the more your business goodwill will get increased. A successful agent is not going to share his customers with you and will not tell his customers about you as well. You also have to apply same strategy of not revealing your competitors name in front of your customer and sharing your clients’ list details in front of anyone.

  • Tricks they are applying

The third important point that you should not share with your competitors is the strategies or tricks that you are applying on your business. To be an expert and established realtor, each agent applies specific tactics that they do not share at all. You should also never reveal certain tactics that you might be implying to attracts customers, to maintain goodwill or to be a successful RES.

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Second Lesson for New Real Estate Agents

course in real estateHere we are with the second lesson about real estate business especially for new real estate agents. In the ‘First lesson for New Real Estate Agents,” we had discussed about the basic business etiquettes and tips for how to get started with the business after completing Res course. Now, in the second lesson, we will move ahead and learn about certain must do and must not do for real estate agents.

To walk on the path of success, new real estate agents must follow certain rules and must avoid certain aspects to leading to blunders. Let us know about them. We will start with must do and then proceed toward must not do.

Must Do points for New Realtors

  • You must have thorough knowledge

Even if you are handling your first practical deal, you should sound confident and must not show that to your client. In case of selling a property, you must have a thorough knowledge about the locality and real estate scenario of the city/state as well. By doing course in real estate, you can get most of the knowledge about the realty world also. Along with this, having knowledge of updated technology is also important. This would help you in managing the work and keeping stuffs organized.

  • You must have good connections and representation 

If you are going to meet the prospective buyer, go with full preparation. To sell the home, you need to have good connections with realty agencies or other realtors in that area. This would build a network and will make you crack the deal easily. You also need to be tenacious. Keep following with your clients, once you show them the home.

  • Personal behavior & attitude

To become a favorite realtor of the clients, you have to work upon yourself. Be upfront in expressing your views but avoid being aggressive. It shouldn’t seem like you are working to bring the house in the forefront or forcing your client to invest in some property. You must also have a flair in your attitude and should sound confident. by having a good impression on your clients, they would believe that you will not show them a unlikely project.

These were the must have’s in real estate agents, upon which you should also work hard. Now, we would look at the aspects, which good realtors should not have.

The Must Not Do For Being A Top Real Estate Agent :

  • Being a part of gossip sessions

CEA Approved RES course provider advices that you must always stay away from gossiping or revealing personal information about one client to another. By doing this, you would not only affect your goodwill, but would your express your clients that they must not trust you.

  • Setting unrealistic price

You should learn to be realistic in your profession; specially when real estate sales trainingoffering selling price to the customers. If you have done real estate sales training, you would have learned about this quality and would know how to offer optimistic price to the customer.

  • Boast about your hard work or experience

Your clients expect desired solutions from you. They do not come to hear about your hard work or how you cracked a critical deal-story. Let your working style and work performance will speak about your good points, as that would be much more effective and worthy.

  • Keeping cut off from the clients for long

A good RES agent is one, who keep a follow up with the clients and tell them about different activities that he is performing to get them solutions. You have to do so, if you want to do a good business.

  • Closing accounts without fulfilling all the promises

CEA Approved RES Course ProviderIf you are closing an account, do ensure that you have fulfilled all the promises which you had made to your client. By not doing so, you will not only put a bad mark on your career, but would also go far away from success.

To become a successful Realty agent, you have to develop this attitude and behavior along with following other points mentioned above. There is great competition in the realty world, and you are just a beginner, so should make every effort for committing any mistake, along with making every effort that would lead you to success.


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